Fairmont Milk Depot

A new milk depot opened in Fairmont. Thank you for the Fairmont Women of Today for donating the freezer! If you are interest in becoming a milk donor, please contact MN Milk Bank for Babies at 763-546-8051.


First Milk Donation

Sara was the first donor to bring her milk to our milk bank site! Her 1,700 ounces donation will help a lot of babies! Contact our office if interested in starting the screening process for donation: 763-546-8051.

*Until our milk bank is fully operational, your donation might be processed by Mothers Milk Bank of Western Great Lakes.

Fox 9 News

Some inside footage of Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies location! We still need your help to fully equip the bank–please consider a donation and please spread the word!


Owatonna Milk Depot Opening

We are excited to announce that the milk depot is now open at Owatonna Hospital. The opening was touching example of the power of community. Mom, Katy, donated 3,000 ounces with her first son. When her son, Artemis, was born she donated milk. When he died of SIDS at 6 months Katy continued to pump and donate her milk!

The milk depot is named after Katy’s son, Artemis. Pictured with Katy are the nurses Lori and Melissa who spearheaded the Owatonna Milk Depot project.

Minnesota Women of Today donated the freezer for this location.