Donate Money

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation! 

How can I donate money?

You can donate online using PayPal or a credit card by clicking on the icon to the right or in the upper right-hand corner of our webpage.

A $20 gift to the “community fridge” would help cover the cost to help provide the best nutrition for our most vulnerable babies in need.

Consider sharing our GoFundMe Page with your friends and family. Share information about our organization with others!

If you use Amazon for your online shopping needs, please consider selecting our organization through Amazon Smile. This gives us a small percentage from items you are already purchasing.

If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, Breastmilk for Babies is now an option for your Thrivent Choice dollars.

You can also donate through the Give MN site anytime or during a Give to the Max event.

If I don’t wish to donate online, where can I send a check?

Please send a check to the following address:

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies
2525 Nevada Ave N, Suite 304
Golden Valley, MN 55427

Who will be helped?

Feeding human donor milk to babies who are sick or premature is essential to their long-term health. Babies use donated human milk during hospital stays, for adoptions and when medical issues affects a mother’s milk supply.

Human donor milk is in short supply, so it is essential we establish a milk bank for our babies in Minnesota and bordering areas!

How is fundraising going?

We are off to a wonderful start! We have

  1. Establish ourselves as a  501C non-profit organization
  2. Affiliate with HMBANA, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America
  3. Expand outreach and education on the importance of breastfeeding  and human donor milk
  4. Help establish new milk depots in the region
  5. Signed a lease and started renovation on a milk bank site.
  6. Transitioning to Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies

Additionally, our Board of Directors have volunteered thousands of hours of their time to develop educational materials, teach classes, promote human donor breast milk, create a website, maintain a Facebook page and manage the finances.

Still have Questions?
Please contact us at We would love to talk to you!