Donor Story: Bowen, Madison, WI

When my son was born he was incredibly sleepy and had jaundice, and those two factors together meant that nursing was difficult to establish. He needed to be drinking milk immediately to help flush out the jaundice but he was so sleepy that he wasn’t nursing effectively, so we started using donor milk in the hospital when he was less than two days old. It was officially provided by the hospital through a milk bank, which made it easy and I’m so glad I didn’t have to worry about finding donor milk so quickly after giving birth. We were still tube/finger feeding and on a feeding plan when we left on day three, and we needed to find donor milk ourselves immediately or start using formula, which we wanted to avoid while he was still so young and because we still thought I’d be able to exclusively breastfeed him eventually. I am forever grateful for the pumping mamas and other people who made donor milk available to us, with all of its amazing benefits.

Bowen, mom to Aldo
Madison, WI

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