Give to the Max Day

Give MN 2015

Breastmilk for Babies and Give MN:
This is a fundraising day for non-profits that are in the state of Minnesota. Breastmilk for Babies is pleased to be part of this day, November 12. This year you can choose to “fund-a-need”: a donor’s blood screening, a freezer, or a pasteurizer, in addition to an amount of your choosing.

Our Achievements:
We helped set in motion 3 area milk collection depots, where thousands of ounces of milk have been donated. This milk is sent to the Mother’s Milk Bank of Iowa, processed and returned to our area for babies in need. It would be vastly more practical for the milk processing to be done in Minnesota, closer to home and to the need. Our Board members continue networking and applying for grants to finance the start-up costs for the milk bank. We were fortunate to receive a March of Dimes community grant for the fiscal year of 2015. We aeppreciate their support.

Our goal is to raise $250,000. This year you can donate starting November 1st and your donation will transact on Give to the Max Day. Schedule your gift early.

OR donate at our website:

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Thank you sincerely for your help and support!
Breastmilk for Babies

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