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Board of Directors & Advisory Committee

Board of Directors

Kelsey Swanson, CPA

As a certified public accountant (CPA), Kelsey has spent over 10 years providing financial audit and assurance services to clients across the Midwest.  A mother herself, she is passionate about human milk and supporting families in the community to reach their breastfeeding goals.

Megan Moen, RN

Megan is a Public Health Nurse at a school in rural Minnesota. She has a background as a pediatric nurse in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Megan saw firsthand the benefits of pasteurized donator human milk for premature babies and is an advocate for the use of human milk and its ability to promote optimal nutrition and healing.

Jessica Longtine, MA

Jessica has spent over 20 years serving as an expert in the health & wellness industry. She spent the last seven years focusing on health-based enrichment programming for children, in hopes to inspire the next generation to live healthier lives.

Malorie Drugg, BA, MBA

Malorie has spent 15 years working in marketing and communications to help organizations share their story and connect with target audiences. She is passionate about providing resources and education to support other mothers and babies in the community.

Bridget Ryan, MA

Bridget has over 40 years of experience in the field of non-profit social services administration. Her work has assisted disadvantaged youth, seniors, incarcerated and ex-offenders, hungry and homeless families, and communities in need of capacity building.

Jeanne Friebe RN, BSN, IBCLC , RNC-LRN

Jeanne brings 35 years experience in hospital/ in-patient settings on post-partum, labor and delivery, Special Care Nursery and NICU. She supports women on their journey with achieving their breastfeeding goals and providing human milk to their little ones.

Gretchen Etzler MPH, CLE

Gretchen has worked in public health for 10 years with a focus on assisting child care, workplace and community settings to create supportive policies, systems and environments for families & parents to meet their breastfeeding goals.

Medical and Health Sciences Advisory Committee

Pamela Heggie, MD, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM. Milk Bank Medical Director. Pediatrician and Breastfeeding Medicine Specialist. Central Pediatrics and Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Nancy Fahim, MBBCh, FAAP. Neonatologist. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Mira Sheff, PhD, MS.  Minnesota Department of Health, principal investigator for the Minnesota Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (MN PRAMS), Saint Paul, MN

Michelle Haggerty, DO, MPH, ABOIM, IBCLC. Family Medicine, integrative health and breastfeeding medicine specialist. NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center and private practice Fourth Trimester Doc, Minneapolis, MN

Alexis Russell Kochanski, MA. Public Health Administration and Policy,  Director of Member Engagement at Medical Alley Association, Woodbury, MN

Nichole Sandberg, RNC, IBCLC. Lactation Consultant, Nurse Manager, Central Pediatrics, Woodbury, MN

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies would like to recognize our prior board members and staff for all of their work and dedication:
  • Evelyn Lindholm – Board member and Founder
  • Ardys Christenson – Board member
  • Diane Van Essen – Board member
  • Anne Cassens – Board member
  • Emily VanEssen – Board member
  • John Woodhead – Board member
  • Renee Torbeson – Board member
  • Jill Lindquist – Board member and Founder
  • Kris Scott – Donor Coordinator
  • Arlinda Michael – Donor Coordinator

If you have questions or are interested in serving on the board, contact us at

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies By-Laws, 2021

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies – Board Member Application

Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies Board Member – Job Description

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