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A milk depot is a milk collection site in the community that stores human milk from approved donors in a freezer. The milk is then transported to the milk bank for processing. Depots are located in hospitals, clinics, public health facilities, and other community settings and have an important role in raising community awareness about milk donation. Only approved donors may drop off milk at a depot. See the Donate Milk tab for more information about becoming a donor. Once approved to donate, contact your preferred depot to schedule a curb-side drop-off time. During this time of COVID-19 non-contact or minimal contact transfer will be arranged.

Other ways to get milk to the milk bank include direct shipping by FedEx at the milk bank’s expense or by air with the help of Angel Flight Central

Interested in opening a depot?  Basic requirements include a space for a freezer in a secure location and an employee or volunteer to oversee donor milk drop-offs and shipping to the milk bank.  For more information, please contact Jason Foss at 763-546-8051 or

The following depots are affiliated with the Minnesota Milk Bank for Babies.

Once approved to donate, contact your preferred depot (milk collection site) to schedule a drop-off time.

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