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I’m beyond thankful to have received donor milk for my son. While I waited for my milk to come in, he was given donor milk prior to his first heart surgery at 9 days old. I wanted to give back!

I carried twins, tragically, Baby Girl B did not continue her journey with her sister, Everly. I pumped for a year not only for Everly, but also to honor the sweet girl I had lost. I donated the milk that would have gone to her to help other babies. We are truly blessed to give this gift.

I chose to donate my extra milk because I cannot imagine the stress families must feel when in need of milk. I do for others what I would like them to do for me.

I donated after our twins received donor milk while I waited for mine to come in. COVID was really hitting the States when they were born, and there were many unknowns. We’re thankful for the milk and were reassured with the nutrition they were getting.

My doula and lactation consultant encouraged me to donate when it became clear I had extra. I learned soon after that my own mother had been a milk donor! I am proud to belong to a family of resilient milk donors and preemies.

I knew my son would not need all the milk I was producing, so why not donate! I’m happy that I was given the opportunity to help fragile NICU babies and their families.

My daughter received donor milk in the NICU. Knowing she had access to donor milk gave me peace of mind. I’m grateful for the opportunity to give the gift to other moms and babies in need.

When Iggy was born, he needed a few days in the Special Care Nursery. I was offered a choice of donor milk or formula and was elated that donor milk was an option, I was grateful to receive this gift and when it became clear I could donate, I was thankful. It feels like the circle is complete!

When our daughter was born at 23 weeks and 3 days it was a surreal feeling, you think, this isn’t something that happens to you, it happens to other people, not me. I was very blessed and was able to produce a lot of milk while my daughter was in the hospital. We saw a lot of babies who needed help and love in the NICU and knowing that I could share my milk and help other sweet babies just like our Adelaide was an easy choice. My little miracle is now 7 months old.

As a nurse and being adopted I understand the need for donor milk and wanted to do my part for babies in need.

I loved the idea of being able to supply breast milk to other babies that need it. I chose to donate milk because I was producing more than my daughter was eating when we were apart, and I didn’t want the milk to go to waste.

I’m grateful for the Milk Bank and the wonderful people who made my donation possible! It makes me happy to know that I can make a difference in a new baby’s life.

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