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Mellisa Vang, MPNA

Office Coordinator
Mellisa Vang has been handling administrative roles with the Milk Bank since June 2021. Prior to her joining the team, she was an elementary youth worker and a certified postpartum doula working with babies in the comfort of their own homes where emotional and physical support was offered to families.  She understands that the process of breastfeeding does not come easily for everyone or opted out for several reasons in which she is grateful to take part of a mission that ensures babies have access to pasteurized donor human milk. Mellisa is a proud Hmong-American and holds a Master of Public and Nonprofit Administration degree from Metropolitan State University.

Bridget Ryan, MA

Human Resources Assistant

Bridget Ryan has provided advisory services to the Milk Bank for nearly a decade, focusing on mission formation, community outreach,…

Venedia Campbell


Venedia Campbell joined the team in December 2021 as a Pasteurizer. Venedia is a native of Minneapolis and an involved…

Kiana Maxwell


Kiana Maxwell joined the team in February of 2022 as a pasteurization technician. She is a recent graduate from the…

Emma Ecker

Pasteurizer Technician

Emma Ecker, a recent graduate with a degree in Biology from the University of Minnesota Morris, joined the Milk Bank…

Jason Foss, MPH

Lab Manager & Depot Coordinator

Jason Foss has been an integral part of the Milk Bank team since September 2019, even before it was licensed…

Lori Thomas

Donor Coordinator

Lori Thomas joined the Donor Coordination team in September 2022, dedicating her time to ensure safe donor milk gets to…

Leah Mortenson, RN, BSN, PHN, CLC

Clinical Donor Coordinator

Leah Mortenson joined the Milk Bank as Clinical Donor Coordinator in November 2022, where she plays a pivotal role in…

Alexis Nicklow, RN, BSN

Clinical Donor Coordinator

Alexis Nicklow joined the Milk Bank in November 2022 as a Clinical Donor Coordinator. As a mother of two elementary-aged…

Juechee Yang


Juechee Yang joined the milk bank spring of 2022. She supports the milk bank’s mission and is always “bringing it…

Pamela Heggie, MD, IBCLC


Dr. Pamela Heggie worked with the original founders to help begin the Milk Bank. She became Medical Director in 2017.…

Emily Schreiner, RN, BAN, PHN, CLC

Clinical Donor Coordinator

Emily Schreiner joined the Milk Bank in October 2023 as a Clinical Donor Coordinator. Emily holds a Bachelor’s degree from…

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